Donald H Taylor (The LPI)

Quo vadis? A new destination for L&D


For years we have talked about change in L&D, but last year the talking stopped. It was time for action. The pandemic forced everyone to re-assess their approach to learning, fast. One year on, and still in the middle of change, we have to ask – are we moving in the right direction? How much of this change has been carefully thought out and how much just a reaction to a sudden need to move online?

In this session, Donald will draw on research including his L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2021, sponsored by Netex, to suggest that generally L&D has worked hard in the pandemic, but not always effectively. He will show how there is hope for L&D to head towards a better destination, with more influence, and he will suggest some practical steps to take on the way.

  • The Adapt-Adopt-Advance model, and why most L&D is stuck at ‘Adapt’
  • What L&D rejected in 2020 – the new technologies we rejected
  • Where L&D is now focused (and not always in a good way)
  • Our new destination and the practical steps to reach it
  • The travelling companies you will need on the journey
We Love Learning 2021

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