L&D in 2022: Challenge and change

- Donald H Taylor

Chairman Learning Technologies Conference

Technology, expectations and much more have altered over the past two years, but the focus of L&D in most organisations is still mostly on the creation and delivery of content. Under pressure and under resourced, L&D seems far from its goal of helping people develop as part of a people strategy agreed at the highest levels.

In this session, Donald will explain the key themes in L&D that emerged from his L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2022, answered this year by over 3,500 people in 112 countries world-wide. He’ll look at major trends, some of the geographical differences across the world, and explore the results for Spain in some detail.

  • L&D’s shifting priorities in 2022
  • The challenges we’re facing across the world
  • Are we moving from technology to humanizing L&D?
  • The Why and the How of L&D this year
  • Listening to L&D voices from Spain