Adevinta Beat Learning: behaviours that change the way we learn.

- Begoña Domínguez and Marina Colchón

Head of Talent Development and Talent Development Specialist, Adevinta

A year ago, the idea of consolidating a Life-long learning culture in Adevinta Spain sowed the seed that has revolutionised the way we learn and opened the door to e-learning in the company.

In just 365 days, 55 training sprints that support our culture have been designed and created in their entirety, 4,700 training sessions have been completed, and our Adevintans have invested more than 14,000 hours in their development in cultural behaviours through Beat Learning.

A project that has laid the foundations for a culture of Life-long learners to continue to be a perfect match with Adevinta and cleared a path full of development opportunities that has only just begun.