News: Netex and Kaspersky team up for cybersecurity training

Netex and Kaspersky team up for cybersecurity training

In the current context of increasing corporate digitisation, raising awareness and training employees on cybersecurity is of vital importance for organisations. With this in mind, Netex joins forces with Kaspersky, cybersecurity experts for over 20 years, to offer specific training on computer security-enhancing measures.

Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform

The KASAP (Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform) online tool develops employees’ cybersecurity skills by levels and addresses these needs in a fully automated way, with duration and content tailored to the end-user’s level and the organisation’s priorities.

The training programme is structured with multi-format microlearning content, spaced learning that takes into account the learner’s forgetting curve, and customised phishing campaigns to test what users learn. This is a continuous learning programme, the effort required from the learner is relatively low, and facilitates user engagement.

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