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learningPlay is a Gamified Learning Experience Platform designed to engage and empower learners for next generation workspace learning.


Embrace the evolving nature of learning.

Our learning habits have changed dramatically. Now we learn anytime, anywhere and most importantly from multiple sources – we are moving away from the era of the course as the sole method for learning delivery! We need to deliver content as and when it is needed, in a way that will engage and inspire our learners.

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A one-stop solution to implement gamification, microlearning, social learning, spaced learning, personalised learning with learning analytics providing insightful reporting.

learningPlay represents the new breed of digital learning delivery to empower the modern worker. It’s a Learning Experience platform that will transform the way learners engage with your content.

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Consumer grade of experience

The environment that lives up to the engagement standards of today’s learners.

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Create, Curate, and Gamify.

Sprints are gamified learning campaigns with a set of learning resources.
Just set the start and end dates, enrol users and launch the Sprint. It’s that easy!


Interactive Videos.

No more static videos! Upload your existing videos or link any videos from YouTube or Vimeo and add an interactive layer over them.

Curate Content From The Web.

Deliver relevant, curated content for the modern learner. Enrich the learning experience and reduce the time and cost associated with creating content.

Interactive Content.

With our native H5P authoring capacities you can create interactive content.

Externally Authored XAPI Content.

Gamify xAPI content generated by any authoring tool, seamlessly deliver it through learningPlay and take advantage of all the state-of-the-art features of the platform.


It’s not just about adding
badges and leaderboards.

learningPlay uses cutting-edge game-based mechanics to ensure maximum learner engagement.



Real-time progress update for the learner through a Game Bar, which updates information as it happens, keeping the user always engaged and motivated.


Build a sense of achievement amongst your learners via personalised scoreboards, badges and game notications.



The number of days left to complete a Sprint is always mentioned and updated in real time, creating a feeling of urgency — one of the most proven gaming mechanics for engagement.



Team leaderboards can be used to create a sense of competition within your organisation.


Get Social!

Enrich learning experience through social interactions and collaboration.

A great way to embrace social learning!



Comments are at each resource level for focused discussion about each learning resource. Learners can interact with admins and fellow learners. They can ask questions or provide answers. Both learners and admins can add external links and enhance the existing content on the platform.


Rate and review.

Get feedback from learners by allowing them to rate and review Sprints.



Forum at platform level allows the admins and learners to have platform level conversations. Forum can be used by admins for multiple things, for example: announcing new Sprints, reminding learners about due Sprints, or congratulating the top performers.


Email notifications.

Notify your students through Email Notifications about their enrolment, completion of a Sprint, winners of a Sprint, etc.

Learning analytics and skills management

Achievements that leave their mark

The robust learning analytics engine tracks skills of the learners based on their job roles and provides insightful metrics to both learners and training managers.


Admin Dashboards and Reports.

Get analytical insights through Admin Dashboards and keep track of content efficiency and learner performance on the platform.


Learner Dashboards.

Keep the learners informed about their individual activity on the platform, their skill levels, recommendations, etc.

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Spaced learning

Never forget what you have learnt.

We forget what we have learnt at a predictable rate. However, a timely spaced revision ensures better knowledge retention. The problem is that we do not know when we are about to forget something. learningPlay’s forgetting curve algorithms will identify apt time intervals for learners to asses their knowledge retention and launch admin generated quizzes.

The quiz feedback will link relevant learning resources from the platform for the learners to refresh their knowledge. These algorithms will further adapt to each learner’s individual performance in these quizzes and tweak the time interval to launch next quizzes accordingly. With this personalised spaced learning mechanism, learningPlay will never let you forget!

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