Unleash the power of Mobile Learning

Mobile technologies have brought in an era of assistance. The Alexas, Siris, Cortanas or Google Assistants are available at our fingertips to help us at the point of need, learn from our needs and recommend what we might be interested in. Mobiles are already acting as Performance Support and your employees are turning to them

Bringing Agility to L&D

Technological disruption has lead to an unprecedented volatility of the market. Organisations are forced to have business agility wherein business decisions and sometimes even directions could shift overnight. Organisations cannot go agile without Talent Agility i.e. a workforce that adapts to any change rapidly. In this Webinar, Sumedh Kasare, our Innovation Strategist will talk about

How to harness the power of Informal Learning?

Although most of the L&D budgets are focussed on LMS centric formal learning, 80% of workspace learning happens outside LMS*. This learning is experiential, social, collaborative and most importantly continuous. In this webinar, Sumedh Kasare, our Innovation Strategist, will talk about how a social layer on a learning platform can help you create Communities of

When less is more: future-proof using micro-learning

The session will use case studies, research and practical examples to make the case for micro-learning; specifically: Micro learning vs. macro learning What works? What doesn’t work? Choosing the right platform Create and execute a robust strategy Design tips Want to learn how to start, how to succeed – and most important, how to use

Gamification and much more with learningPlay

Learning Stories with its latest release (2.8.0) becomes learningPlay. This renaming reflects the widened scope of this product. learningPlay now onwards intends to become a Gamified Learning Experience Platform to engage and empower learners for the next generation workspace learning. learningPlay, through its Agile Learning Design workflow, will enable organisations to implement Continual Learning Culture using

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