What is Emotional Intelligence?


Learning Coffee What is Emotional Intelligence?


Are we intelligent because we are able to carry out complex analyses and calculations or is there more to it than the intelligence quotient? Are we slaves to impluses and feelings because “that’s the way we are and we can’t change”? Are we fully aware of what we feel and how it affects us? Emotional intelligence aims to answer these questions and offers a vision of what we are and what we do which goes beyond the artificial barriers established over centuries between the rational and the emotional.

  • Discover how useful it is to understand emotional intelligence both professionally and personally.
  • Recognise the different types of intelligence.
  • Learn what emotional intelligence is.
  • Understand the influence of emotions on behaviour.
  • Find out what your emotional quotient is.
Table of contents
  • Emotions are everywhere.
  • The importance of knowing your emotions.
  •  When being intelligent is not enough.
  • What do we mean by emotional intelligence?
  • Experimenting.

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