The Creative Process


Learning Coffee The Creative Process


Creative thinking implies keeping an open mind to new ideas, events and realities. It is essentially about imagining possibilites: ideas, objects, actions or facts. Everyone has this resource.
It is a complex process, displayed in many different ways which experts explain by means of comparisons and simple structures. You will see them here, in this Learning Coffee, then you will be able to make the most of your own creative processes.

  • See the different stages of the creative process.
  • Apply this knowledge to your own creative processes.
  • Use the potential of imagination and ideation to create new realities.
  • Measure your creativity by using significant indicators.
  • Distinguish the strategies of creative thinking.
Table of contents
  • Experiential context.
  • Reflexive observation.
  • Conceptualisation: the creative process. Stages and actions.
  • Conceptualisation: imagination and ideation.
  • Conceptualisation: creativity indicators.
  • Conceptualisation: creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Active experimenting.
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