Leadership in Challenging Situations


Learning Coffee Leadership in Challenging Situations


Exercising leadership in times of difficulty should not be very different from the way we go about it when times are good. The difference is that when things are going well, companies and their employees tend to lower their guard. Management posts bring responsibility, which is considered to be “the capacity to come up with solutions”. Here we reflect on our responsibility as directors, managers and employees… but also on our responsibility as individuals.

  • Simple measures that you can take at times of difficulty.
  • How important it is for inspiration to find you working, as Picasso said.
  • The need to remain at the helm of your ship, both in a professional and personal sense.
  • How to adopt responsibilities towards your company, towards those around you and towards yourself when difficult situations arise.
Table of contents
  • Introduction.
  • The keys to leadership.
  • Leadership through example.
  • Difficult situations, classic solutions.
  • Adjusting your sails.
  • To go or not to go.
  • Keep on training.
  • Summary.
  • Now test yourself.

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