Is a Coach Born or Made?


Learning Coffee Is a Coach Born or Made?


Does a professional coach have innate potential? Can anyone be a coach simply because they have been in an executive position for a number of years, or perhaps because they empathise easily with people, or because they have considerable experience in psychotherapy?
Although all these aspects may help in the actual practice of the profession, coaching is, in fact, a discipline in itself and also requires some sort of training.

  • Learn about how a coach is trained.
  • Identify the basic skills of an executive coach.
  • Discover how these skills and abilities are developed.
  • Consider supervision as another learning method.
Table of contents
  • Introduction.
  • What does being a coach involve?
  • Coaching competencies.
  • Technical coaching competencies.
  • Competencies related to process and contract management.
  • Attitudes and skills.
  • The training period of a coach.
  • Summary.
  • Now test yourself.

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