Eureka! How to Boost Your Creativity Learning Coffee


Learning Coffee Eureka! How to Boost Your Creativity Learning Coffee


We develop our creativity as we face different situations and challenges. Thanks to creativity, our relationship with our surroundings has changed. For example: we send photographs around the world via email, we buy things on the Internet, we turn on a tap and get drinking water and we can go to the supermarket and choose from a wide range of products.
There are many ways in which we can be creative: in our private life, with music, language, art, advertising, the theatre, games, sport, leisure, engineering, health, work… The extent to which we are creative is determined by a set of personal characteristics which can be stimulated. Organisations, entities and companies may also contribute towards boosting creativity.

  • Learn to put your creativity in motion and develop it.
  • Identify what characteristics influence the development of creativity.
  • Discover how to handle resources for improving and developing creative thinking.
  • Recognise factors which contribute to creativity and innovation in companies and organisations.
Table of contents
  • Experiential context.
  • Reflexive observation.
  • Conceptualisation: creative development environment.
  • Conceptualisation: working creative potential. P-creativity.
  • Conceptualisation: working creative potential. G-creativity.
  • Active experimenting.
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