Dealing with Creative Block


Learning Coffee Dealing with Creative Block


As we grow up, we are taught to focus on a particular aspect of reality. We learn about what we are not supposed to think, feel, say… This learning process, as well as other factors, generates certain mental patterns which predispose us to interpreting the world according to the culture and education we receive.
Our own mental blocks prevent us from finding new ideas or solutions and communicating them. These creativity walls are inside each one of us. Detecting these walls is the first step to jumping over them. Recognising them and being creative will allow for new ideas to emerge and will enable us to communicate them.

  • Learn to recognise your own creative blocks.
  • Learn to detect the reasons behind these blocks.
  • Learn to use strategies for dealing with creative blocks.
Table of contents
  • Experiential context.
  • Reflexive observation.
  • Conceptualisation: creative blocks.
  • Conceptualisation: perceptual blocks.
  • Conceptualisation: cultural blocks.
  • Conceptualisation: emotional blocks.
  • Conceptualisation: how to overcome blocks.
  • Active experimenting.
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