Creativity Techniques


Learning Coffee Creativity Techniques


Many roads may be taken to generate ideas or new solutions. The procedures and resources we use may lead us to different results or, on the contrary, there are many cases where great thinkers have obtained the same results but in different ways, all of them later claiming the credit for having formulated a theory or developed a specific invention.
In any case, the roads taken and the techniques for developing creative solutions are numerous. They are mostly based on our capacity to establish relations, whether they are logical or seem initially absurd, and on our ability to select the best results.

  • Read about different theories on creativity.
  • Differentiate lateral or divergent thinking from vertical or convergent thinking and apply them to different situations.
  • Recognise different creative techniques and learn how to use the most efficient methods.
Table of contents
  • Experiential context.
  • Reflexive observation.
  • Conceptualisation: creative theories and techniques.
  • Conceptualisation: lateral and vertical thinking.
  • Conceptualisation: convergent and divergent questions.
  • Conceptualisation: analogical methods.
  • Conceptualisation: antithetical methods.
  • Conceptualisation: collegiate thinking and creativity.
  • Active experimenting.
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