Are You Creative?


Learning Coffee Are You Creative?


Shakespeare, Bach, Picasso, Newton, Darwin, The Beatles… Poets, engineers, advertising agents, designers… Extraordinary people and anonymous people. Take your pick. They all have one common denominator: they are creative, original, imaginative people with an incredible ability to generate new ideas and see reality in a completely different light to the rest of the world.
But, what exactly do these people have in common that makes them different to the rest of the world?

  • Learn to assess whether you really are creative.
  • Identify the characteristics of creative thinking.
  • Discover how to use certain resources in order to boost your creativity.
  • Recognise displays of creative thought in your everyday life.
Table of contents
  • Experiential context.
  • Reflexive observation.
  • Conceptualisation: characteristics of creative thinking.
  • Conceptualisation: am I a creative person?
  • Active experimenting.
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