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Whitepaper New Wave Collaboration in eLearning

Whitepaper - New Wave Collaboration in eLearning

Are Our Students Losing Focus?

A relatively recent survey of 100 University students revealed that they have average attention spans of around 10 minutes. Many people would feel this is not exactly a revelation. After all back in 1985, another study testing students on their recall of facts from a 20-minute presentation showed they remembered far more of what they heard at the very beginning of the lecture. By the 15-minute mark, they had mostly lost focus.

These simple pieces of research help explain why it is critical to engage and refresh the mind on a frequent basis when you are helping people to learn. This can be a challenge in any environment. But nowhere more than when the student is ‘remote’ and online. As such, many different tools and solutions have been tried and tested to foster this engagement. They achieve varying degrees of success. Certainly, as technology has improved, the solutions have become smarter and better. We shall look at why the latest advances made, possible by the recently introduced eXperience API (formerly Tin Can), are a major step towards better learner engagement.

Whitepaper contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Evidence for Engagement
  3. The Challenge of Learning Styles
  4. New Wave Collaborative eLearning Content
  5. Examples of Collaborative Content
  6. Achieving Collaboration
  7. Leverage eXperience API

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