Meeting the challenge of Multi-device M-learning


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Whitepaper Meeting the challenge of Multi-device M-learning

Whitepaper - Meeting the challenge of Multi-device M-learning

In the last years, we have totally accepted the success of elearning on our computers. But despite the best efforts of the elearning providers and businesses, the mobile learning is yet to come.

However, there is a new enthusiasm for mobile learning, especially in the corporate sector. Also, the new generation of smartphones is providing us with a more satisfying experience. So, today’s market is calling for mobile learning.

The workplace learning is changing forever and new challenges need to be addressed in order to adopt the mobile learning. Now we have the opportunity to put an effective mobile strategy in place thanks to the rise of new technologies like HTML5.

Whitepaper contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Challenges to introducing m-learning
  3. The changing mobile landscape
  4. Setting up your strategy
  5. Design strategy for multi-device e-learning
  6. Conclusions

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