LMS Pack

LMS Pack

Multi-channel LMS compatible with eXperience API
Launch all online, onsite and blended courses and obtain detailed tracking reports, all from one application.

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Reduce training costs

With LMS Pack you can launch all online, onsite and blended courses and obtain detailed tracking reports, all from one application. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, implementations nor updates. We take care of everything for you!

Quick and easy set up process

Unlike other LMS, LMS Pack implementation is quick and easy. Our experts will help you through this process so that it makes sense to your organisation.

Customisable and scalable

Don’t worry about the number of users. We have designed plans for organisations ofany size (from 20 to 100,000+…) and guarantee the scalability of your training project. Pay only for what you use!

Compatible with all e-learning courses

You don’t have to think about adapting your courses or anticipate technical problems with suppliers. LMS Pack supports all e-learning standards (SCORM, AICC and Tin Can) and our Technical Office will deal directly with suppliers, ensuring that everything is working correctly.


We have made every effort to facilitate the integration with your ecosystem. LMS Pack has a powerful API to facilitate data exchange with your LDAP, ERP or CRM to manage users, courses, enrolments and reports.

Key Features

Create training plans and courses, you can even split courses into individual sessions.
SCORM, Tin Can , Video, Link, Assessment, Classroom, Web conference, etc.
Communicate via surveys, notifications, virtual classrooms, news, etc.
Analyse training progress of your users with detailed standard reports, or create custom reports.


LMS Pack has an app that allows your students to learn offline.
They simply download their assigned training onto their smartphone or tablet, the application records all progress and synchronizes with the platform once back online.


Additional Services

Technical Office

The goal of the Technical Office service is to assume the management of tasks, that you don’t have time or resources for. This way, your Training Department focuses on higher qualitative value tasks, delegating these other tasks to our Technical Office.

The Technical Office comprises a set of human and technical resources that complement the client resources.

Associated Tasks

  • White Paper creation
  • Content review and validation
  • Dialogue with content suppliers
  • Issue of reports and dashboard creation
  • Delegated management of the platform


The implementation plan entails guidance and consultancy through the process of implementing LMS Pack in your organisation.


Two hours of training via a virtual session are included. It is possible to extend this service under quotation.

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