Learning Stories

Learning Stories

Harness the power of storytelling, gamification and content curation.
You never forget a great story – remember how hard it is to put a good book down?

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Most Innovative Technology Product – International

Learning Stories has been awarded Bronze at Learning Technologies Awards 2016.

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Learning Stories

Also, we all love to be challenged and display our achievements for all to see. Learning Stories taps into these basic human emotions and uses the latest learning technologies to allow us to create beautiful and immersive learning experiences that your learners will want to come back to time and time again.

No need for an LMS.

A simple yet fun portal, which harnesses the power of xAPI to create engaging learning experiences. Delivering the same functionality as LMS but without an LMS look and feel!

Create all kinds of resources.

Unleash your imagination. Use the embedded H5P editor to create questionnaires, presentations, interactive videos, interactive audios, etc. within your stories. Or, give your existing learning resources a new lease of life!

Achievements that leave their mark.

Badges within Learning Stories support Mozilla Open Badges, allowing your learners to record their achievements in their own online repository, keep it permanently and display them for all to see.

Compatible with Mobile.

As with all the very best apps, Learning Stories is accesible on any device. Create stories which are so compelling, your learners will want to complete them on the bus, on the sofa… wherever they are!

An intuitive editor for all your content projects.

Creating your own stories could not be easier. First, imagine an adventure that resonates with your audience and the learning objectives. Then, once you’ve got your story, it’s time to build your portal. Don’t worry, we’ve integrated the latest technology and an intuitive editor to simplify the process.

Lastly, choose whether you want to create content using the embedded H5P activity tools or curate existing learning resources, and set the users challenges and reward them based on their progress.
As easy as 1, 2, 3…


Interactive videos










Play activities

WYSIWYG editing.

Drag and order the different elements from the components editor to create simple yet beautifully effective learning portals.

Design and make it your own.

Bring your stories to life and give them the personal touch with images of your choice and remember, a picture paints a thousand words!

The latest learning resources.

The embedded H5P activity builder lets you create the cutting edge activites. For example, don’t just let your learners passively watch videos, make them interact as they view.

You choose, discovery or guided route.

Let your users choose their stories and be the protagonists of their own learning, or guide them through their training – you decide.

Challenge your learners.

Like any good game, use the mechanics of levels and challenges to motivate your learners. Locked levels can only be viewed when previous learning resources have been completed. There’s never been a better reason to complete your learning!

Powerful reporting.

Don’t forget that beneath this beautiful exterior we are tracking all learning activity using the latest xAPI standards. Highly visual reports let you chart learner progress.

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OpenBadges Supported

A powerful gamification engine at the heart of each story.

Gamification is big business both at home and work. Leverage the proven principles of challenges and rewards to transform your stories. Your learners can compete with each other and collaborate with their team members to move to the top of the class.

Learning Stories gamification engine allows you to design your badges and define the rewards and how to get them. Learners are informed in real time about their progress – reaching the end of a story has never been so compelling!

Create your own badges.

Design your own badges and choose whether or not they are compatible with Mozilla Open Badges. Make sure you list the qualifying criteria, so people can see why they are so important!

Choose when to grant the awards.

Remember it’s you who set the challenges and define the rewards. Make sure your learners are paying attention by defining the passing scores!

Real time progress of your students.

Not only can your learners see who is at the top of the leaderboard but they can see how they got there. Give your learners something to aspire to!

Learning Stories Gamification

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