Online distribution

Online distribution

From your publishing house to the world

Reach your final users. We create a management, distribution and sales system for your digital materials.

Online distribution
Gestión de contenidos
Content management

Store your catalogue. We create a content repository (CMS) which we can integrate with your other systems. Completely compatible with Marsupial standard and accessible from the Cloud.

Gestion de licencias
Licence management

Introduce a licence management system associated with your content repository. Integrate it with your sales systems. Models of activation by in-store payment, by vouchers, through external portals, etc. We apply the digital rights management (DRM) protocols.


We consider all options:

  • Online store.
  • Third parties distribution through their own platforms.
  • Integrated VLEs in schools.
  • External e-commerce portals.

If you are looking for something more specific, contact us and we will help you to develop the project you need.