learningHub pricing


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  • There is no monthly rate; the minimum hiring period is one year.
  • Biannual rate equivalent to a 10% discount on the annual rate.
  • Minimum sale of 500 users.
  • Monthly controls ensure that the number of users accessing the content is not higher than the number of hired users. Should this happen, an invoice will be issued for the number of additional users, with the price per user corresponding to the initial hiring.
  • A user is the person who accesses one or more courses hosted in learningHub.
  • There is no limit to the number of hosted courses or their size.
  • The licence includes a service level on the basis of our “Standard SLA”:
Standard SLA (included in the licence)
Access to the support online portal included
Available email for the register of incidents included
Number of authorised contacts 2
Minor product updates and patches included
Response times to incidents
First response
Blocking incidents
Nonblocking incidents

1 hour
8 working hours
16 working hours
Service availability guaranteed 99,9%

Customised service levels available.
Subscription does not include the administration service or any other added value services.

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