SCORM content distribution in the Cloud for any LMS

Your content working on any LMS compatible with SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004

learningHub - Distribución de contenidos SCORM
Control total sobre tu modelo de negocio

Complete control
over your business model

You may know who, how, and when your content is accessed, being able to limit the number of users per platform and the validity of granted licences.

Update your content in
an immediate and transparent way

Due to the fact that all content is stored only on learningHub, when you update it, your clients will see the changes immediately without having to intervene.

Actualiza tus contenidos de forma inmediata y transparente
Tus contenidos siempre a salvo

Your content is always in a safe place

Allow your customers to access your content from their LMS. You will never have to physically give them the content.

Forget about
technical complications

Our technology prevents you and your clients to have to configure or install any software. You will only have to deliver your licences in SCORM package format, which do not actually have the content integrated, just the required code to access it.

Olvídate de las complicaciones técnicas
Aprende de tus usuarios finales

Learn from your final users

You may know how your users use your content, being able to analyse which content is the most used, for longer periods, with best scores…

A world of information which will allow you to better adapt your products to the market needs.

If you are looking for something more specific, contact us and we will help you to develop the project you need.