learningMaker features

For the author

Project management

  • Select the template you wish to use.
  • Add the resources (images, videos, animations) you need.
  • Establish the scoring and assessment methods for evaluating the students.
  • Control the project life cycle (draft, under revision and reviewed).
  • Access the project versions list and restore them anytime.
  • Work safely in a group thanks to the automatic locking system.
Control del proyecto

Use of digital templates

Your project template is of vital importance. It determines the approach and the instructional design. Netex offers you three models adapted to different content. If you prefer, we can create a template adapted to your specific needs.

Plantilla Express

Express template

For quick impact and brief content.

Plantilla Book

Multi-page template

For longer content requiring more pages.

Plantilla Video

Video template

For video-based training, such as interviews or presentations.


Add new content quickly and easily to your pages. Make changes directly on your project pages with our “WYSIWYG” system.

Edición de Paginas


Easy creation, editing and organisation of your project pages.

Edición de Recursos


Prior upload of resources by dragging them from your desktop.

Edición de comentarios


Comment system to make collaborative work easier and to control the project life cycle.



Multiple pop-up window models. Create and define their performance.



Preview your projects in different languages and on different devices.


Quizzes and assessments

Create tests with different types of questions (single answer, multiple choice…) to assess the students.


  • Publish in accordance with Marsupial, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 4th Edition, AICC or Tin Can API or without tracking to introduce them directly into your portal.
  • Publish in several languages within one same content, or create different versions for each language.
  • Publish directly on any LMS or on any content repository compatible with PENS (Package Exchange Notification Services).
Formatos de exportación

For the administrator

User and group management

Enrol, withdraw and edit the users participating in your projects. Manage them individually or in groups.


Define the permissions for certain users or groups of users in each project. Select who can edit, publish and review your projects.


Track the progress of projects. Review errors within the content, and the number of resources used.

Inventory reports

  • Author
  • Status
  • Number of images
  • Number of pages

Error reports

  • Repeated texts
  • Empty components
  • HTML errors