Content factory

Factoría de contenidos

We enrich your content

The best pedagogical analysis, editing and design are guaranteed by our professionals. They will turn your educational materials into attractive digital products, enriched with videos, audios and interactive resources.

Smart Content

Smart content

A new concept for digital educational content. Smart content integrates collaboration, adaptive learning and authoring capabilities within the content itself. Removing the need for an LMS or infrastructure within the school.

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Digitalización de libros

Digitisation of books

We transform your printed books into digital materials. Our instructional design follows your didactic and methodological guidance, including several interactive and multimedia elements to enrich the format.

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Actividades multidispositivo

Multidevice activities

Don’t limit yourself to typical checkbox questions or linking pairs of words. We create innovative control activities which make assessment a more natural and entertaining process.

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Creación de recursos multimedia

Creation of multimedia resources

We create all kinds of multimedia resources for your digital developments – educational videos, audios, augmented reality…

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15 años de experiencia
Over 15 years’ experience

We go beyond simple digitisation. We go for useful and friendly content, which motivates the student and makes the teacher’s task easier

Orientación a la calidad

Respecting the original pedagogical criteria, we offer all the advantages of the digital environment – new ways of interaction, immediate access to training, participation in the classroom, etc.

Capacidad de producción
Production capacity

We meet the needs of scalable developments in educational material. In 2012, we published more than 180 books in digital format, involving teams in places as far as Brazil, Spain and India.

If you are looking for something more specific, contact us and we will help you to develop the project you need.