Reinforce learning

Our activities allow student self-assessment or online assessment by a teacher. They can be used individually, packaged in blocks with their own interface, or integrated into other products (such as iPDF files or digital books). Integrating them into an LMS platform is also a possibility, allowing for efficient tracking and automatic evaluation.

Actividades - ABC simple o múltiple
Simple or multiple ABC

Select the correct answer from several different options.

Actividades - Combos de selección
Combo boxes

Choose from several different answer options shown in a drop-down tab. These tabs can be integrated into texts, mathematical operations, tables…

Actividades - Arrastrables
Drag and drop

Drag the answers to the appropriate place to complete the activity.

Actividades - Ordenar arrastrando
Order by dragging

Activity designed to understand and outline the different stages of a process.

Actividades - Flechas

Linking concepts. These may have two or more columns, depending on the number of concepts we want to link.

Actividades - Escritura editable
Editable writing

Type in the answer in the activity. Generally, these are simple answers with only one possible solution so that the exercise can be self-assessable.

Actividades - Escritura libre
Free writing

Activities with variable and open answers for the user to show his or her research, reasoning and writing skills. They are not self-assessable but they do provide feedback.

Actividades - RB Check
Free writing

Activities with variable and open answers which are used for the user to show his or her research, reasoning and writing skills. They are not self-assessable but they do produce a guiding feedback.

Actividades - Verdadero o falso
True or false

Select if the shown premises are true or false.

Actividades - Sopa de letras
Word search

Look for the correct answers in the word puzzle, relating to a specific topic.

Actividades - Ahorcado

Find the hidden word, letter by letter, with a maximum number of possible mistakes. The word can be related to something narrated in an audio together with one or more images.

Actividades - Memoria

Show your memory skills by pairing related concepts. The number of possible mistakes is limited.

Actividades - Crucigrama

Type your answers in the squares of a crossword. This activity allows you to transform a plain activity into a dynamic and amusing exercise.

Actividades - Elementos gráficos interactivos
Interactive graphic elements

Select the answer over an image or illustration. These activities are very useful for reinforcing Art, Geography or Technology, and also for questions about industrial processes.

Actividades - Feedback animado
Animated feedback

The interface of the activity imitates a computer application. You will have to answer as if you were using that application, but within the activity itself.

If you are looking for something more specific, contact us and we will help you to develop the project you need.