A friendly transition to the digital world

We help your publishing house to find the best approach to the production and management of digital content. We analyse your needs in six key areas and we develop an action plan, a guide to good practice and a design guide for your content.

Consultancy process
Marketing and business

We define how your product fits in your business plan scenario, and its possible impact on the market – expectations , targets, sales models, distribution, etc.

Pedagogical approach

We analyse the educational characteristics of the project – pedagogical methodology, cultural restrictions or educational levels are the keys to finding the most suitable format.

Graphic and usability aspects

In order to create an attractive and user-friendly content, we consider aspects such as the editorial graphic line, navigation models, available devices and technologies.

Activity production

It is essential to evaluate the type of activities that best suit the pedagogical objective, and to define its format and design.

Technical features

We verify the technical considerations such as distribution formats, tracking, compatible operating systems or the traceability.

Production and management

We establish the communication procedure and channel between our factory and your publishing house – the production process, the exchange of files, reviews or deadlines.

If you are looking for something more specific, contact us and we will help you to develop the project you need.