Your content on any device

We develop all kinds of applications to complement your digital offer.

Apps para las aulas

Apps for the classrooms

Make your content reach schools, connect your apps to school management systems and enable offline training which tracks student activity.

Sales and distribution Apps

Open new sales and distribution channels. Take a significant step towards global edition and make your own brand present in Apple, Google or Windows stores.

Apps de venta y distribución
With or without an Internet connection

We consider different visualisation scenarios through an app ensuring that your content is always online for permanent connection, or the possibility of downloading and enjoying it offline for environments without a connection.

Adapted to your users and brand

The user experience and the graphic design will adapt to the needs of your target users. Your app will reflect your brand image and style manual.

On different devices

We help you to ensure that your content reaches different operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows and Linux) and all kinds of mobile devices.

Synchronised with your VLE

Turn your app into an extension of your Virtual Learning Environment and establish complete communication with schools. If you do not have a VLE, you can try ours.

Integrated with your publishing house

We create apps for you to integrate with your content repository and your e-commerce and invoicing systems. If you do not have these elements, we can help you.

Apps ready for sale

We take into account the different content sales scenarios such as buying “InApp” or exchanging access codes. We offer you support for different licensing models (individual, subscriptions, collections, etc.).